Wood Dog Crates and Their Features

People are finding that there are many suitable alternatives to wire dog crates in today’s market. Wood dog crates have been steadily gaining popularity. We’ve found that when looking at wooden dog crates and pet kennels, there a lot of things to consider besides price.

How sturdy do you want the crate to be? If you’re looking for sturdy wood dog crates, then you certainly do not want one made from any kind of particle board. We advise if you’re looking for study, you will want to look for crates made of solid hardwood.

Some manufacturers allow you to choose the type of wood to be used when building their customers’ dog crates. Some manufacturers allow you to choose your stain finish; painting of dog some allow you to choose both. A lot of customers like to be able to choose their individual stain finish because it helps the wood kennel to blend in with their existing furniture and match their home decor too.

Some wood dog crates come with a removable pan and some do not. If a removable plastic is important to you, then you should verify that the product you plan to purchase does in fact come with a pan. Usually if the manufacture does not include a pan they build the bottom out of a material that resists odors and moisture instead of including a removable pan. Most times the material they use is a composite. The reason a lot of manufacturers are not offering removable pans any more is because they are getting increasingly more difficult to find.

Do you want a painted finish? If so, you can usually get away with a less expensive solid wood. If you don’t plan to purchase a painted wood dog crate, then you have to decide if you want to opt for a natural finish or to have a stain applied. If you love the look of wood with grain, then choose a type of wood with a grain pattern that you like and a stain color that best suits your individual preference.

You can find wood dog crates in front entry and side entry. These two styles really make a difference in your room. Some manufacturers will even allow you to choose which side you want the door to be placed. When facing side entry crates, you can order the door on either the right side or the left side. Having that option gives you greater flexibility in where you can place your crate in your room configuration.

Remember that shipping is very expensive, so when looking for wood dog crates online, make certain that you ordered the correct size. Always double check that you ordered the correct stain and the wood species, that you have your heart set on, before confirming your order. Having to return the crate would cost way too much.


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