Success Case Study In Publishing – Auto Detailing Magazine and Trade Journal

Many years ago, oh it’s been perhaps more than a decade, usf95zone I met a gentleman who ran a small trade journal like publication in the auto detailing industry. I was immediately amazed at his integrity level, and he really worked hard at what he was doing. The name of the publication was Mobile Tech News and his sister publication is Detailer’s Digest. Kevin Halewood still runs the paper and he’s weathered economies both good and poor, never missing a beat.

He is the go to guy for the industry, he knows his stuff and everyone in the sector. Often, I find myself recommending his publications to those who are in the mobile auto business. His articles and information is hyper-relevant to this niche, and he’s made a name for himself and cut out a nice piece of the pie in this niche. To this day, techmagazinenews even after retirement, I still read every issue from cover to cover, and pass on articles and information about various industry suppliers. I’ve even sent the whole magazine, which comes in the form of a newspaper to my auto detailing entrepreneurial clientele as I often take on as consulting gigs in retirement. renownednews

While I’ve watched publications come and go in the car washing and detailing industry, his paper and trade journal is tried and true. I can only think that this because of Kevin’s strength of character, integrity, and hard work effort. Each year he does something really special for the industry, he throws a big convention with seminars to help vendors and suppliers meet with and assist small business operators in mobile and fixed site auto detailing. xnxx

Now then, let me tell you what I see in other industries with other trade journals, as now I run a think tank and take at least 40-trade journals. I see too much commercialization, irrelevant filler articles, and re-hashed, regurgitated information which is of little or no value. It’s as if every issue is a repeat of the past. This is why the trade journal sector is in such shambles, because too few of these publications are run the way Kevin runs his publication. techimpacter

Too many mergers and corporate run publications with no soul – too many publications that just don’t care. If you run a trade journal find a super star with integrity, someone who gets it, and someone that will bring value to the industry, and then your publication will be loved as much as Kevin’s industry paper. Please consider all this and think on it.


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