A Choice of Baby Teething Toys

There is no joy that can equal to the one derived from the presence of a small baby in the family. And it becomes almost imperative that all aspects of baby’s growth are taken with utmost seriousness and care.

Teething is a natural part of the growth of a child that is also very significant. It requires proper care at this stage that will ensure the proper development of the teeth and the setting and placements. Improper care may lead to a disturbance in the growth or properly shaped and formed teeth. teether for 4 month old

Another aspect of the teething stage is that there is a continuous sensation within the gums which is unfathomable to the children. And this results in crankiness and irritation among smaller children.

You can always consult a medical practitioner about the necessary precautions that can be done at this stage. However the teething stage is a common and compulsory one that all children have to go through. But there are certain teething toys and items that can be given to the children to make it easier for them as well.

Babies Teething Symptoms

The process of teething can start from the third month to even the twelfth month.

Children are often irritated by a few things and show their dislike for. So how will you know the symptoms of a babies teething when the pain starts?

Here are a few symptoms of babies teething for your reference.

Sore and swelled gums

drooling and dribbling

refusal to eat or drink

crying and irritable temper

Proper care and attention is important. There may be signs or development of rashes around the mouth area due to constant dribbling at times.

There are times when a sensitive baby may run a slight temperature caused by the irritation and the pain but there are other babies as well that do not show even any signs of any pain before teething.

Baby Teething Toys

There are several functional toys for babies that help them through the process of teething. Teething for babies often come with a slow and continuous sensation in the gums that they try to relieve themselves with a constant chewing.

At other times, you will notice that teething babies have a tendency to chew or put anything that they can lay their hands on in between gums and bite on it.

You have to be careful about this aspect as it can lead to several infections of the stomach and mouth as well.

There are a few options of teething toys for babies that can be given to assist them with this period of growth.

Teething Rings – This is a kind of a ring that is made of a soft material and appropriate for the teething gums of a child. Children use this to constant bite and chew on it. There is a certain relief attached with the process.

These are available in a variety of colours and attractive designs as well.

Chilled Teething Rings – These are plastic teething rings that are filled with sterile water. If this is chilled in the refrigerator then it can be an ideal toy for sore gums of a child.

Massage Teething Rings – These teething rings comes with a mechanism that can activate a slow vibration to massage the gums. This is helpful for extremely sore and swelled gums.


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