Transformational Coaching: Pittsburgh’s Executive Coaches Set A New Standard

Some say Pittsburgh’s executive coaches are a dime a dozen, but not if they are among the group of trail-blazers setting a new standard in the growing field of transformational coaching. With this transformative approach, these executive coaches are dramatically altering the vision, the leadership and the success of their executives and the companies they manage, the very companies fueling the city’s economy.

Thirty years ago, Pittsburgh was a dirty, smoky steel town, known as the Steel City, because of its predominance as a mighty steel-making hub. When that industry collapsed and Pittsburgh lost its manufacturing base, the city faced its first economic crisis in more than a century. To its credit, though, the city transformed itself into what now is a thriving white-collar metropolis.

Pittsburgh is still a steel city. US Steel, the 10th largest steel company in the world, is headquartered there. Allegheny Technologies, a world-class steel maker, has eight manufacturing plants in the region. However, the city’s employment sector is now highly diversified. Cutting-edge companies in life sciences, robotics, information technology and research have joined ranks with eight Fortune 500 companies. Health care, education, research, financial services and entertainment/tourism are the newly emerging industries that are driving revenue and employment for the region.

The University of Pittsburgh, the city’s largest employer and retail giants like Dick’s Sporting Goods and General Nutrition Center (GNC) are growing. Google now operates a 40,000 square foot office in Pittsburgh and recently announced plans for expansion. The Pittsburgh Center For The Arts continues to blossom and dozens of new information technology firms are emerging to support the growing research activity at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie-Mellon University.

A large majority of these Pittsburgh companies employ the services of an executive coaching firm. Currently, there are 59 executive coaching firms and over 100 executive coaches serving the city. In addition to the companies listed above, Robert Morris University, Duquesne University and Carlow College all employ an executive coaching firm. Executive coaching firms are also preferred providers of executive leader development in top companies like Giant Eagle, Union Switch & Signal, Westinghouse Nuclear, Bank Of New York Mellon, Citizens National Bank, Bayer, Heinz and Development Dimensions International (DDI).

Just as the city has created a healthy environment for substantive growth and transformation, so, too, have many of the executive coaches serving the Pittsburgh business community. These coaches have single handedly created a new approach to executive coaching, one transformational by design and focused on the creation of breakthroughs in all areas of life, not just work and career.

Tranformational coaching is all about change, about breakthroughs in all areas of an executive’s life, not just in his or her work life. It makes the assumption that personal transformation is dramatic and only when executives begin to find clarity about their most meaningful goals can they begin to change. Executive coaches who profess a certain level of expertise in transformational coaching believe that the coaching process is most effective when aspects of a person’s personality, behavior, beliefs and life/work circumstances are taken into consideration. They work together with their executives to discover, clarify and create deep, emotional alignment around their goals and this process empowers executives to move more forcefully in the direction of their goal. pittsburgh seo company

One executive coaching firm in Pittsburgh has boldly moved away from being primarily performance based and results driven and has instead moved towards a business model of transformative partnering with its clients. Its founder is skilled at taking clients on journeys of discovery, helping them to identify and use their true talents and passions in life. He advocates these three principles –get clear, get focused, get ahead — and his transformative partnership with his clients has helped to advance their professional lives in the workplace and achieve more balanced personal lives.

Executive coaches from another dynamic and well-established executive coaching firm serving Pittsburgh build their coaching platform on two basic directives — identify the challenges facing the executive being coached and create the strategies that fuel the client’s growth. These strategies demonstrate the importance of things like linkages to significant personal and business outcomes, a succinct, focused plan for measurable action or a change process that an executive refines and strengthens over time.

One firm in Pittsburgh wholeheartedly supports the theory of personal transformation and their executive coaches work tirelessly to help Pittsburgh executives close the gap between where they think they are and where they want to be, both personally and professionally. These executive coaches believe that transformational coaching is a great synergizer to change and a powerful enabler that propels a client forward in the lifelong process of development and change. For them, transformation takes place when an executive can identify and clarify his or her most important goals in life and begin to remove or overcome the things that are blocking personal growth and fulfillment.


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