How to Become a Prince2 Practitioner

Prince2 is a system of project management used widely within the business world. It is the second iteration of PRojects In Controlled Environments – a project management methodology developed within governmental agencies for information technology projects. Whilst Prince2 started within the public sector it has increasingly grown in stature and is now used in myriad industries and by a host of different public and private sector organizations. ekszer-elek

Arguably a standard system within the UK becoming a qualified Prince2 Practitioner is an increasingly popular option for those planning a career in the discipline of project management. But for those at the start of their career path, how do you become a Prince2 practitioner? olcsobbszerviz

Understandably, becoming qualified will require training. Fortunately there are many companies out there that give would be practitioners with qualifications. Essentially Prince2 training is split into two different courses, the foundation and practitioner course. gudu

The foundation course is the entry level option for project managers and is an essential step before going on to undertake the practitioner course. The foundation-level course teaches the basics of the project management methodology with the ultimate goal of leaving candidates with the ability to function as an informed members of a project management team which uses the Prince2 system. Naturally, to function in such a team it is essential that any candidates show competency, , as a result, the course culminates in an exam which all candidates are required to pass. hobbijaim

If a candidate manages to pass the foundation course they can then take the practitioner course. This course is more in depth than the foundation course and gives candidates the knowledge to run and manage projects. Part of this course is about learning how the methodology can be applied in different situations and also how the different processes within the system relate to each other. Once again an exam at the end of the course must be passed before becoming a qualified practitioner. receptek


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