The Dark Knight Due For Bright Summer At The Box Office

In 2005 film director Christopher Nolan brought Batman back to the big screen with the critically acclaimed film Batman Begins. This was the first time a Batman movie had received widespread critical acclaim in almost ten years, and with good reason. imi9bet

Many comic book fans and movie goers were not only less than pleased with the previous Batman film Batman and Robin, they were down right outraged. Fans did not appreciate Joel Schumacher’s vision of a smirking George Clooney as the Dark Knight.

Batman Begins brought fans a realistic vision of how Batman would exist in the real world. It brought us a story about justice, revenge, obsession, joker681 and fear. It told us what would drive a man to devote his entire life to wearing a costume and fighting criminals. It gave the first detailed account of how he went from Bruce Wayne to Batman.

The only thing fans said against the film was its lack of Batman’s number one nemesis. The Joker. The Joker is considered by many fans to be the polar opposite of Batman. Where Batman fights for order, The Joker thrives in chaos. Where Batman seeks to save lives, The Joker kills with a smile. joker78

This is why, when in 2006, fans rejoiced when the story broke that Heath Ledger would be portraying the clown prince of crime. Some fans, however, were skeptical as to whether or not he had enough unstable qualities to play his part.

All that the director and actor could do was give a smile and say trust me. It took several months until fans were offered a challenge by Warner Brothers Studios. The challenge was for fans to go onto a viral website and add a pixel to the page by using a code. pggame365

Eventually enough people visited and contributed to the website until finally the first picture of Heath Ledger in character was revealed. Then, not long after the picture was revealed, a teaser trailer was released which featured no visual for the movie.

Only dialog. When asked about these secretive decisions, Christopher Nolan’s only response was If it was up to me, you’d know nothing of the movie until its release. For more info visit these sites: 168galaxy

With the story being kept tightly under wraps, fanboys and fangirls are practically foaming


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