Batman – Arkham Asylum

Batman games are few and far between, king77 and most don’t provide much in the way of fun and enjoyment. The last Batman game was Batman Begins, that was released at the same time as the movie of the same name. I enjoyed Batman Begins, and while Arkham Asylum has a similar feel and atmosphere, the newest Batman game brings much more to the table with incredibly detailed graphics, cinematic fights, and familiar good guys and bad guys. puss888

The game takes place at Arkham Asylum, a place that any fan of the comics should know; it houses the worst criminals in Gotham, like Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Bane, and of course, Joker. The opening sequence introduces the Caped Crusader a little bit different from what we remember, he’s a foot taller than everyone else, his armor is riveted , his gloves have metal studs for that extra oomph in his punch, and his boots resemble the attire people wear on ski slopes. Joker looks more like he did in the comics, with his narrow face and trademark purple suit that has seen more than its fair share of Batman’s punches and kicks. slot35

The graphics in the game are incredible, and it’s obvious the developers put a lot of time and effort into the detail their character models. The Joker’s face is weathered and wrinkled, while Batman’s stern jaw shows his resolve and fortitude amid turmoil in the asylum. The clarity and detail of the game help create a dark atmosphere that envelopes the player as soon as the gates of Arkham Asylum swing open. As Batman wanders down the hall with the green trails of paint used by the Joker, the deceased doctors and security guards gives the game a dark and serious theme, this isn’t a villain from the cartoon, this is a villain from the comic book. betflix789

Batman’s movements are fluid and controlling him is fairly straight forward, with your average controller layout that allows you to jump, punch, crouch and use gadgets. Along the way, you pick up various tools that help you out in different situations, like the explosive gel that allows you to blow up certain walls, or the batarang that can stun an opponent just long enough for you to take him down. One of my favorite Batman specialties is his glide ability, which allows him to jump and expand his cape. You can sometimes glide kick an unsuspecting enemy, where Batman will glide from a high place and launch his feet into the enemy; it’s usual in picking off oponents who are isolated. The fighting system is simple and looks great. Batman has a number of combos as a standard attack and can counter attack when you press the button as the opponent attacks. This allows you to engage a group of enemies at once.

When those enemies have high powered assault rifles, stealth becomes the name of the game. Batman can’t survive a barrage of bullets, and at the hard difficulty, the enemies don’t miss much. Batman can crouch and sneak up behind unsuspecting opponents and execute a stealth takedown that doesn’t alert anyone else. Using your grappling hook to perch on gargoyles allows you to set Batman up on an enemy for a glide kick. For more info visit these sites: zodiac888

My only minor complaint with the game is probably my own fault, since I set the difficulty to hard. Boss fights can be a challenge and may take a number of times to figure out the necessary moves to get out of their way and inflict damage of your own. Large rooms with a number of armed hostiles can be tricky if you alert all of them at once. It creates a trial and error approach to situations, so don’t get upset if you die a lot in the game, I certainly due. This difficulty also seems to enhance the game in a good way, it lets the player realize how difficult it would be in real life for a normal person to do what Batman does. Remember, he doesn’t have super human strength or speed, he’s just a better than average athlete and martial artist, so you have to play Arkham Asylum with some thought and intelligence.


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