UFC 75 Heavyweight Fight – Mirko Cro Cop vs. Cheick Kongo

As I sat down to watch UFC #75, Apostille NYC I was very excited to see what I believed was going be the triumphant return of Mirko Cro Cop into the octagon with a dramatic and decisive win over Cheick Kongo. Well, needless to say I ended up very disappointed and somewhat dismayed at Cro Cop’s performance. Now I realize that coming back from such a devastating knockout is going to have some kind of an effect on you, but I didn’t think it would affect Cro Cop like it appeared to. Fight Night Champion PC

To me it seemed like there was a spark missing in Cro Cop’s eyes when he entered the ring and he appeared to be really tentative throughout the fight, unlike the Cro Cop of old before the loss to Gonzaga. Now not to take anything away from Kongo, but if you really sit down and analyze this fight, Cro Cop handed the fight over to Kongo on the proverbial silver platter. As I stated in my other UFC #75 article concerning the Bisping vs. Hamill fight, fights are generally won not only on what you do right, but also on what your opponent does wrong, Dubai Web Design Company which was definitely the case in this fight.


Mirko Cro Cop:

Coming off such a devastating knockout loss to Gabriel Gonzaga in his last fight, Cro Cop has to overcome not only his next opponent, but more importantly himself and the lingering doubts that accompany such a pivotal event in a fighter’s career. As the old saying goes, “It is not the victories that define a man, but his losses and how he handles them.”

Without a doubt, Mirko Cro Cop is one of the most fearsome strikers in the world of MMA. However, having said that, he is also pretty much a left handed and left footed fighter. Something that needs to change if he wants to regain his stature in the MMA community and also if he wants to become champion, which is just waiting for him if he truly desires to do what it takes to get it.

Cheick Kongo:

I humbly admit that I truly did not know a lot about Kongo prior to this fight. I remember seeing him fight once maybe twice before, but admittedly they didn’t seem to me to be that impressive and that is perhaps why I didn’t really recall them. Kongo is a big man and definitely in good condition with very good striking skills which come from a kickboxing background. C8 Corvette
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What will follow is a detailed professional analysis of the fight from start to finish, concluding with some final thoughts concerning both fighters. Please keep in mind that these are my views from my own perspective of the events that transpired. They are by no means intended to shed any kind of negative or disparaging thoughts, words, etc. on either one of the fighters involved. I have a great deal of respect for anyone, and I do mean anyone, who steps onto the mat. So, with further ado let’s get started.


Round One:

Cro Cop pretty much forced the pace of the fight throughout the entire first round with his menacing stalking of Kongo. However, having said that, Cro Cop had a look on his face from the moment he initially stepped into the ring that he didn’t really want to be there. Kongo on the other hand had a very determined look on his face which gave the impression that in Kongo’s mind, the octagon was the only place to be that night.

Cro Cop opened up the round by throwing a straight right hand that missed its intended target. Kongo meanwhile kept pawing Cro Cop’s lead right hand and then threw a right leg roundhouse kick which landed on the inside of Cro Cop’s right thigh. Kongo continued this style of attack which resulted in another roundhouse kick landing on the inside of Cro Cop’s right thigh. Cro Cop countered Kongo’s attack by forcing him back with a straight left hand followed by a left leg roundhouse kick to the body.

Kongo responded to this attack a few moments later by landing another right leg roundhouse kick to the inside of Cro Cop’s right thigh followed by a knee strike to the midsection and another right leg roundhouse to the inside of Cro Cop’s right thigh. Kongo followed this up seconds later with a right leg roundhouse kick to Cro Cop’s body.

Cro Cop came back from this attack with an attempted right leg roundhouse kick to the outside of Kongo’s left thigh. This attack was not effective and actually ended up being detrimental to Cro Cop as Kongo grabbed Cro Cop’s kicking leg and countered this attack with a right leg roundhouse kick of his own to Cro Cop’s body, which did land. Cro Cop answered back with a left leg roundhouse to the body which landed followed by a second left leg roundhouse kick which missed.

Moments later Kongo attempted a right leg roundhouse kick to the body but lost his balance in the process and ended up falling down to the ground. Cro Cop attempted to capitalize upon this mistake but Kongo was able to regain his standing position almost immediately nullifying Cro Cop’s attack and both men ended up in a clinching position. During this momentary clinching position, Kongo threw numerous knee strikes to the Cro Cop’s thighs before referee John McCarthy broke them up to restart the fight due to a lack of action between the two fighters.

Kongo attempted a right leg roundhouse kick to the head of Cro Cop immediately after McCarthy restarted the fight, but unfortunately for Kongo the kicked missed. Kongo followed this kick up with another right leg roundhouse kick, this time to the inside of Cro Cop’s thigh that ends up being blocked. Kongo continues to attack with several lazy, pawing left jabs and then a right leg roundhouse kick to the body that misses. Cro Cop counters Kongo’s attack with his own left leg roundhouse kick to the head that misses. Kongo then throws a right leg roundhouse kick to the body that Cro Cop catches and then throws Kongo to the ground where he immediately gets on top of him and starts throwing left hooks into Kongo’s rib cage.

Kongo holds Cro Cop down well from the bottom position although Cro Cop does land numerous punches to the ribs and even a few punches to the head of Kongo. With eight seconds left to go in the round, Kongo reverses position with Cro Cop although time runs out before Kongo can land any blows.

Round Two:

Kongo opened up the round with a right leg roundhouse kick to the body of Cro Cop that ended up missing. This didn’t seem to deter Kongo much as he appeared to be jabbing the lead right hand of Cro Cop, which turned out to be Kongo’s attempt to gauge the correct distance between the two fighters as he quickly followed up with two separate roundhouse kicks to Cro Cop’s body. Both of which landed.

Kongo then threw a straight right hand followed by another right leg roundhouse kick to the body. Kongo repeated this combination three more times, yet none of these blows reached their target. Cro Cop fired back with a left leg roundhouse kick to Kongo’s body that did find its target, although it appeared to cause little or no damage to Kongo. Both men momentarily stood in the center of the octagon in a clinching position before Kongo was able to take Cro Cop down to the ground. Kongo maintained control of Cro Cop on the ground by managing to stay on top of him. Although Kongo attempted to land several blows, none of them were effective.

At one point during the ground game, Kongo managed to regain his standing position and landed an axe kick to midsection of the still prone Cro Cop. Kongo retained his standing position for a few seconds before finally seizing the opportunity to get back down on top of Cro Cop who had remained lying on the ground. Cro Cop eventually ended up pushing Kongo off him with his legs and regained a standing position.

As soon as Cro Cop had regained his standing position, Kongo forced him back against the cage where he landed several knee strikes to the thighs and ribs of Cro Cop. One of the knee strikes is the series even appeared to be a bit low and strike Cro Cop in the groin. Cro Cop reversed his position and managed to force Kongo back against the cage. Very little fighting was going on after a few moments and referee John McCarthy had to step in again and break them apart where he then restarted the fight. Towards the very end of the round, Kongo grabbed Cro Cop by the neck in a Muay Thai clinch and landed three knee strikes to the body of Cro Cop.


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