How to Play Mind Games With a Woman and Get Her to Surrender Herself to You

Chances are you think you are an average to below average guy with nothing to offer to beautiful girls. You think good looking girls are looking for guys who are handsome and rich. The truth is, you can get any woman you want at any time no matter what you look like.

The mind of a woman is an amazing thing and if you know how it works you can manipulate it to act exactly what you want. This is the kind of strategies you will need to use in order to get a good looking girl to fall in love with you.

The process starts by making her go on an emotional roller coaster. If you go up to a beautiful girl she won’t be interested. Her curiosity might have สล็อตออนไลน์ been aroused by your very interest in her. She might even be a little bit disgusted, but that’s exactly what you want. You have just triggered her first emotion.

Your job is to fiddle with her heart by controlling what emotions she feels. After she feels the first one (which can be random) you have to turn it into pity. Pity is a very sad emotion and girls are more prone to offer this. Use some kind of sad story to trigger this.

Next, upset her somehow. Pretend to insult her or a friend of hers by accident, but do it in a subtle way. If you go too far you might offend her so much that she ends the conversation.

Finally, make her happy. Say something funny by telling a joke or story to get her laughing. Remember she was upset before so try to work this joke into the offensive comment. This is the beauty of the entire process. When your done, she will be happy and she knows it was you who caused the entire process. Women love to express emotions and a man who can bring all these feelings out of them will be interested.

The strategy above is extremely powerful but you probably have more questions. you probably want to learn more specific details. If this is done incorrectly, you might embarrass yourself.


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