Why Is It So Important To Be The Default Search Engine On Apple Devices?

Some people might remember seeing in the news a report that stated Google spent around one billion dollars a year to be the default search engine on all Apple devices. Apple own huge chunks of the computer, tablet and smart phone markets meaning they have the potential to create a highly competitive search service. The report details that a deal had been made which was worth about one billion dollars a year, entitling Google to be the default engine on every Apple device sold, but why does it matter so much to Google about being the number one search on these devices?

Apple is a huge company, and if they built their own search service and set it as the default for all Apple devices, they could be Google’s main competitor. Many other search engines try to become bigger than Google, but the service the company provides is too comprehensive and well-known for others to have a chance. Apple customers are generally more discerning than customers of other computer companies, meaning if the company released their own Apple engine, most owners of Apple devices would use it.

As the biggest search engine used, Google has ninety eight percent of all the traffic on the internet flowing through it. To Google this presents a way to make money in many different ways, from having companies pay for advertising themselves on page one of specific results queries, to advertising any one of their other services through each other, does food lion take apple pay such as YouTube and Google+. If Google lost the position as default search engine on all Apple devices then they would lose some of the most innovative web users, particularly those who update all of their social networks through their Apple iPhone.

The tablet market exploded a few years after the release of the iPad, but the fact that Apple started the market means they still hold the majority of it. If Google lost their entitlement to be the default search on these products, they would lose virtually all of the tablet market to Apple or another engine. As a company Google is growing to release products in all of the markets it services as a search engine, with the Nexus series of tablets being a prime example, but until it sells the most in each market it will still need to pay companies like Apple for being the default search engine on their devices.


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