Living a Green Life

In the beginning when I started writing this article I wanted to write about sustainable agriculture and industrial agriculture with an aim of making it very much informative to the readers. But the terms like industrial and sustainable simply don’t match together. Sustainable is a term that can be applied to every aspects of our life. So why only sustainable agriculture. We can in fact have a very sustainable life and nourish our life cycle. The principle is that in taking what we need presently we give it all back to support our life so that there may be plenty for everyone left. This is the most sustainable form of green life.

Activity is just another meaning to industry. It is simply making, consuming, processing, and doing. The term is simply linear and can not be reciprocated. The thinking itself seems to use up all the resources without actually thinking of saving, preserving, renewing or even replacing. It may in fact be said as the direct result of rational science as man is the master of this universe approach to life. We all need to reject this view as we can start moving towards a simpler greener lifestyle. We all can always desire to consume less, do less, and waste less so that will simply leave us worry less. We can in fact enjoy our resources more.

So try being an organic gardener even if you don’t understand the basics of it. Go back to basics. Try building a traditional house and not a modern day home. We have to try and understand the risk of living in this world that we have created. We all know that meditation can help improve our life style. The fact is that meditation is one of the natural ways to heal. So if natural ways can help heal us then why not our mother nature. We have already succeeded in our plans of damaging it. Now is the time we start to act and heal it.

We all know there is so much that is going on in agriculture, economics, politics and religion. We are aware of the impacts o our earth and on the global environment. But at the same time we never realize anything. Its just like we don’t know anything. We simply act as if we don’t know, we don’t understand and we don’t want to absorb anything.

Everyone of us is simply tuned into this world the way it is. But most of us also have a sympathetic resonance as compared to others, and we need to act. Most of us also feel angry, and depressed towards other tunes, and we certainly are determined to prevail.

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