Online Journalism

These days online journalism has to be controversial, current and catchy.  In other words, if you are writing for a website and you want an audience, you have to give them (your readers) what they want:  Something that is current, something that will thrill their brain and keep them coming back for more.
If you read Huffington Post, you have probably become a loyal reader and keep coming back for more of what they offer.  They offer a plentitude of excellent posts by great writers, many of them famous and with celebrity status or their own sites.  Writing on the Huffington Post brings a writer CRITICAL exposure and that is why so many of their writers continue to write for free for the Huffington Post.
How do you reach the level of these online journalists?  You’ve learned to write well but your audience is still small in numbers.  Your goal is probably to increase readership at your own site.  One of the best ways to improve your writing is this secret:  The secret of good writing is re-writing.
What?  You might ask… Yes, the secret of good writing is re-writing.  In the field of online journalism, you get better by the old adage of “practice makes perfect.”
For anyone who has an online news site or a site which is based on good journalism or any authority site for that matter, you also need to have current news events on your site.  Stay in tune with the world, watch the morning and evening news to find out what is going on currently in our world.  Form an opinion and then write about it.
Write your first draft, give it a little rest and then go back to what you have written and re-write it.  Perfect it.  When it is perfect, post it to your news blog or website.  Add a photo and then publish.

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