Freight Shipping News: In Belfast Business is Booming

Belfast is the Centre of Northern Ireland’s Freight Shipping Industry

The port of Belfast is the main maritime gateway in Northern Ireland. Established as a key centre of commerce four hundred years ago, it is now experiencing one of its busiest periods ever in the freight shipping industry.

The port of Belfast has become the focus of Northern Ireland’s freight shipping industry. It handles two thirds of Northern Ireland’s freight shipping trade, which equates to half a million freight units each year.

Recent figures show that the port of Belfast handled more than 17 million tones of freight in 2005. This makes it the second busiest year in the ports long history.

Freight Shipping Increases

The increase in Belfast’s freight shipping activities was driven by a noticeable boost in trade in the breakbulk sector. This sector includes items like steel and timber. Furthermore, paper product imports grew to 100,000 tonnes. This represents an increase of 73% against the previous year. More details please visit:-

Moreover, according to statistics released by the port of Belfast, the total volume of freight shipping has tripled over the last 25 years. There has also been a 1000% increase in roll on and roll off freight shipping and a 200% increase in container traffic.

Key Reasons for the Increase in Freight Shipping

Key freight performers in 2005 that help account for the increase in freight shipping from the port of Belfast include:

o The import and export of stone and cement. These increased by 16% and 11% respectively in 2005. The reason for the growth of these areas lies in the UK’s and Ireland’s buoyant construction industries.

o The volume of traffic passing through Belfast also helps explain the growth it has experienced in freight shipping.

According to the Commercial Director of the port of Belfast:

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