Popular News Series – Oscar the Bionic Cat

Oscar a cat has received prosthetic replacements for her claws. She lost her two end paws in a fight with a tractor. Oscar is a dark cat with beautiful green eyes. This is a rare development in the biomedical engineering world. The owners Mike and Kate Nolan took him to a vet after her mishap but he advised them to take her to Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick who is a neuro-orthopedic doctor living in Eashing, an area located southwest to the London region. With such replacements, Oscar is the first bionic cat ever. The claws have been mingled with her skin. Oscar is only 2 and half years old. She had lost such paws in October last year when she was just having fun in the British Channel isles. More details please visit:-https://junyuanbags.com/ https://topgunsshop.com Technologies-news.com

Oscar with such claws can live just like other cats. He can continue with his way of life just before the accident. The implants have been inserted into the bones by making holes in the rear legs. They are fused with a substance that can aid the growth of bone cells. In fact, this cat is now living his life just like before jumping over obstacles as if they were rolls made of tissue papers. It is easily able to indulge in a lot of fun and frolic.

It was important that the cat was given such a replacement. It is because she had lost her two limbs. Animals who lose their one limb can survive, but not ones who have lost two limbs. This kind of a development would even open the scope for limb replacement in humans as commented by the owners of this cat. Oscar was also put through a training that taught her how to walk. According to Dr., Mark Johnston, Oscar is a fortunate cat.

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