Exercise and Weight Loss – Good and Bad News

I’ve got bad news for you as well as good news about weight loss. Now this news only matters if you are having trouble losing weight, even if you can stay on a diet. Unless you are in your mid twenties or earlier, it’s next to impossible to lose weight without exercise. Adding some exercise to your weight loss regime can make it go from glacial loss to much faster, or from no loss to a significant weight loss.

That’s bad news if you hate exercise. Here is the good news: forget the term “exercise.” You do not need formal exercise, simply any activity. If you are a total sloth, adding any activity no matter what will make a big difference, including to your overall health, all things being equal. More details please visit:-https://www.exinum.com/

Now if you want to join a gym, or perhaps actually go to the one you already belong to, or start training for a marathon or triathlon, more power to you, but for weight loss that is not necessary. You could for example simply start walking during lunch. If it’s tough, start with 5 to 10 minutes and work up. You can walk outside if it’s pleasant or indoors, perhaps in a mall or maybe on a treadmill.

We mention walking because it is low impact and most people can do it. Any other activity is fine as well. For example I bike in the summer and ski in the winter.

In order to lose weight you need to get active. The activity is not that important as long as you do something. Trust me, I’ve been there are still occasionally struggle with my weight.

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