Format For Writing a Newspaper Article – A Useful Guide to Writing News Articles

Unlike when you’re writing for magazines or for websites, there is a certain format that you need to follow when writing articles for newspaper. As a journalist, this is something that you need to strictly follow otherwise, I seriously doubt if your articles will be accepted by your publishers.

Here’s the format:

1. Headline. Always start your articles with a headline that will turn the heads of your target audience. Since you can only use limited number of words, make sure that each would count. Your headline must summarize the content of your article and it must target your readers’ emotions.

2. Lead paragraph. All news articles must be written using the inverted pyramid technique. That means, you must make your lead paragraph meaty as much as possible. In here, you’re supposed to insert all the essential information that you’re readers are looking for. Tell these people what exactly happened and the people involved. Then, tell them where and how it happened. Your readers must fully understand your story by simply reading your first paragraph. More details please visit:-

3. Article body. Your article body will consist of paragraphs after your lead paragraph. This is the place where you provide further explanation and where you insert supporting details to make sure that your readers will have a clear picture on the story that you’re covering. It is also here where you’ll need to put quotes from the people that you’ve interviewed.

4. Additional information. This is only applicable if this is not the first time that you’ve written about a particular story. You will need to give your readers background information for better understanding.

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