Object Lesson – Good News! Good News!

This is an object lesson you can use to share the gospel with your class using a newspaper.


What do I have here? That’s right, a newspaper. What’s a newspaper for? To spread important news to people so they can keep informed and up to date. Newspapers save the most important stories for the front page and try to create headlines that will capture your attention. What are some kinds of stories you find in newspapers? (Let the children respond. Be prepared to give some of your own examples: people who get rewards, people who do wrong things, sporting events, new laws that are passed, etc.) Most of the stories involve people, because people are important. Newspapers print the bad news along with the good news.

If God were to write a newspaper, he’d probably start off with good news. In fact, he’d give us the best news ever. The first headline might read: Heaven, the greatest place ever! Heaven is a wonderful place where there is no sin or sickness or hard times. It’s where God lives, the one who made heaven and the earth. He also made… (give some examples of things God created.) One thing I like about God is his love. Jeremiah 31:3 says that he loves you with an everlasting love: a love that will never go away. God is also just which means he will always do what is right and he is holy which means he hates sin and has to punish it. That brings us to the bad news God would probably share next.

The problem is there is something that keeps us out of heaven. This headline might read: People miss out on heaven because of sin! God gives us this bad news in Romans 3:23, where he says all have sinned. Sin is anything you think, say, or do that does not please God. It could be… (fill in your own three examples of sin.) There is a reason why you and I sin. It’s because we were born with a sin nature: a “want-to” to do wrong things. God says the punishment for sin is to be separated from him forever. He doesn’t want that, so the next headline is an important one. More details please visit:-https://nhacaiuytinbet.com/ https://tuvicohoc.vn/

That headline might read: God pays the price for entrance into Heaven. God loved you so much he sent his only Son, the Lord Jesus, to earth to pay for your sin. Jesus willingly came down, was born as a baby, and grew up into a man. But there was something special about him, he never sinned. You see, he was God, the Son, who loved you so much he willingly died on a cross to pay for your sin. The Bible says that without the giving of blood, there is no forgiveness for sin. Jesus died on the cross, giving his blood to pay for your sins and mine and to take the punishment we deserved. He didn’t stay dead though, because three days later he came alive again! God raised him from the dead to show he was satisfied with Jesus’ sacrifice. And now, because of what Jesus did, you can have your sins forgiven.

That brings us to one of the best headlines God might write: Jesus opens the way to Heaven. It isn’t enough to know that Jesus paid for your sin; the Bible says you need to make it personal. Acts 16:31 says if you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be saved. That means you need to admit to God you are a sinner, believe Jesus died on the cross for you and came alive again, and choose to ask Jesus to be your Savior from sin. If you do God promises you will be saved; your sins will be forgiven, you will no longer be separated from God, and will become part of his family. If you have never believed on the Lord Jesus and would like to let me know after class and I’ll help you.

If Jesus is your Savior already, he wants you to tell a friend how he can be made right with God. That’s the best news you could ever give them!

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