Healthy Diet For a Healthy Skin

Having a healthy skin is very important. It will give us the confidence and fresh look we wanted. There are plenty of skin care products that promises effective and satisfactory results. However, skin care products need help in treating damaged skin. A healthy and nutritious diet is the best companion in treating the skin.

A healthy diet is needed because some food that we eat contributes or secretes elements that may be harmful to the skin. Harmful in a way that the elements they have secreted may block our pores which may lead to skin dryness thus formation of unwanted skin problems occur.

The following are foods and beverages that would give us healthy and nutritious benefits:

Green tea – This is one of the best natural anti oxidants. This will decrease inflammation of any part of the skin and will protect the all the cells of our body. Green tea has also been tested to reduce the damages of the skin caused by over exposure to the suns ultra violet rays and other cancer causing free radicals. Green tea has already been proven to rejuvenate dying skin cells which eventually will also rejuvenate the skin. More details please visit:-

Carrots – Carrots is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed in order to have a healthy and beautiful skin. Vitamin A is known to help out in repairing skin disorders. This will also help in moisturizing our skin from the inside.

Blueberries – This food is believed to be a great source of anti oxidants. Anti oxidants are the ones responsible for warding off free radicals that are out to damage every layer of the skin.

Salmon – Considered as one of the top foods for healthy skin. However, it is not only salmon which will give a big benefit for a healthy skin. All fish which are rich in omega 3 are good sources of nutrients to aid us in acquiring a healthy skin. This will reduce the chances of skin inflammation which eventually leads to skin damage. Omega 3 will keep cell membranes healthy by blocking free radicals to enter the cell membrane. Also, omega 3 helps the cell flush out waste products in order to maintain its healthy condition.

Water – This is the most important beverage. One needs to hydrate the body by drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day, it is even better to drink more than the minimum amount required. Water will hydrate the cells of the body keeping it healthy. This will rejuvenate and moisten the skin. This is a perfect aid for omega 3. It helps in flushing the toxins out and moves the nutrients in. When we heavily perspire this signifies a healthy skin as it will keep the pores clear and clean.

Skin care is not just by applying skin care products to the skin. A healthy diet is also needed to achieve satisfactory results.

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