Is Building Your Network Marketing Business in the Cold Market a Good Decision Or a Stupid One?

Building your network marketing business has never been more confusing. When you signed up in your business opportunity, you never imagined this. But like most people who ventured into the business opportunity realm, you were told that you didn’t need any business skills to build your business. And in reality you don’t…if you build it solely using your friends and family.

Honestly, does the average person have enough people in their circle of influence to build a business entirely this way? Some people do, but the average person may not have enough.

Which is why a lot of well-meaning people who’ve bought into the dream of a home business, venture out into the cold market. If you’re not familiar with that term, it means that you’re going to build your business with people you don’t know…thus the word “cold.”

Warm market or cold market…each has its own pros and cons. In your warm market, you’re talking to people you already know and with whom you have a relationship with. So in a sense, more details please visit:- you could say half the battle is already won. The downside is that you may run out of people to talk to. You may even encounter a naysayer or two who will try to talk you out of your business.

In the cold market, you can target people directly who are looking for a business and or who have already bought into the concept of network marketing.

The downside of building a business in the cold market is that you’ll have to learn some marketing skills if you want to build successfully in this area. In addition you’ll have to learn how to build an online relationship with total strangers.

If you already “tapped” out your warm market, you really don’t have a choice…you must venture into the cold market. This is how traditional businesses have been built. What makes network marketing any different?

Of course it’s easier to go up to people you already know, but for those who don’t have a circle of influence, the cold market is the logical next step.

Your upline is offering you some words of wisdom in that they’re telling you the fastest way to get started and that’s your warm market; these are the people you have the most affect over. But it may not be the smartest way to get started if you have no influence or a circle of business-minded friends and family who are open to network marketing.

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