Closet Grow Room

Do you love fresh flowers and vegetables? Want to be able to grow all the fresh veggies you want year around? Well now you can, and without all the hours spent bent over with a sore back working in your outdoor garden. Gardens are not as easy to care for as people may think, you are forever battling weeds, bugs, pests, and animals maybe even the neighbors stealing your crops. So if you want all the benefits of an outdoor garden without all the headache, why not get a closet grow room?

With a self contained closet grow room system you can easily set it up anywhere that you have some extra space, a spare closet or in the corner of your garage or basement. One of these systems will take care of any weeding concerns you would have had with a real garden. You wont have to worry about weeds when you use a solution culture based hydroponic system. The plants roots are suspended in a nutrient rich, aerated solution of water and minerals instead of soil. No soil, no weeds. When you use a hydroponic closet grow room system you will have a lot less trouble from pests like slugs, snails, caterpillars and other insects. Less bugs means that your own home grown hydro crops will be free from harmful pesticides and other chemicals found in industrial operations, so in essence it will be “Organic,” altaqua although that is still under debate. The plants that are grown in a hydroponic system have an almost unlimited supply of water. Yes the water will have to be changed out once and a while, but you will never have to worry about whether you have over or underwatered your plants. The growing lights used in a hydroponic system are not only calibrated to give off the ideal spectrum of light for crop development, but in an enclosed system they will provide enough warmth to mimic natural sunlight and actually stimulate the growth of your plants. Depending upon the types of crop you are focusing on, your lighting needs may vary somewhat. Some systems even have automatic moving lights to simulate the movement of the sun. Another way to amplify light for optimal plant growths in an indoor grow cabinet is to reflect that light. Some grow cabinets come with the insides of the cabinet painted a high gloss white in order to reflect as much light as possible. Some companies even make low power LED grow lights that are designed to produce just the right light spectrum for maximum growth. The quality of light you can generate in the closet grow room is essential. You will want to use lights that mimic the spectrum of light produced naturally by the sun for best results.

Closet grow room systems are an enjoyable way to enjoy fresh veggies anytime. Watch your plants flourish indoors, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. Hydroponic systems are relatively easy to set up and can provide you much enjoyment time while you tend to your crops and relax knowing your crops are safe and secure from outside influences.

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