How to Get Attention For Your Business by Using the Facebook News Feed – 3 Simple Methods of Action

Traditionally business owners, authors, and speakers have looked to the news media to help them grow sales. From traditional press releases to stories about how they are part of the community newspapers and television have worked with many different types of businesses to share information with their readership. As costs have risen and the attention has gone to just a few the small business owner has been left with few options to get exposure in the media.

Most business owners can’t spend $30,000 on a commercial and they don’t know the editor of the LA Times which means they won’t land in the Sunday edition. With all of these challenges how can a business reach their prospects in a newsworthy fashion?

The news feed portion of Facebook is the equalizer for any business owner. Big or small businesses have equal opportunity to make it into the newsfeed of users. cvv shop With 100’s of millions of people checking their news feed daily it’s one of the MOST powerful places to get exposure. One of the most unique aspects is that you can into the news feed for FREE!

Facebook wants to share valuable and newsworthy information with their community. In order to get into the news feed you will have to be different but it will cost you far less than launching a commercial. Consider the following tips when you want to get into the news feed:

  • Events – With the average user only getting 3 Event invites monthly these are a rare occurrence and as such are newsworthy! Events are unique in that you can invite a specific group, leave it wide open to everyone, and give people an idea of what they can expect. You can host online events to add value to your network or even hold a physical event at your store or office location. Launching just 1 event monthly will differentiate you from your competition and can get you massive exposure in the news feed.
  • Video – Even with the ease of using video very few businesses are taking advantage of it for growing their sales. With an average of only 1 user per 1,000 uploading video very few people are sharing this type of media which makes it rare in the eyes of Facebook. Consider sharing videos that are informative, show different ways to use your product, or even testimonials. Try to avoid the “pitch” as your customers will just turn off when you sell to them too often.
  • Be Different – Whether you want to share video, events, photos, status updates or something else the key to getting in the news feed is being different. Your business will stand out far above the crowd and get the attention of 1,000’s when you are different in what you share.

The field is leveling for business owners big and small. No longer will you have to have a mutli-million dollar marketing and advertising budget to get the attention of millions. You can get a piece of the “gold” of Facebook by sharing events, video and landing in the news feed.

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