Bachelorette Party Ideas and Tips

Being a bridesmaid can be tough, but one of the times when all that hard work becomes worth it is at the bachelorette party! The bachelorette party is the time when you and your fellow bridesmaids get to sit back after all the hard work has been taken care of and have some fun with the bride. The only hard and fast rule for a bachelorette party is to have a good time and make sure that everyone’s still in shape for the wedding the morning after. Remember to make sure that the party events are something that everyone is comfortable with, but beyond that, feel free to make the party into whatever will suit you and your group of friends best.

Do you all have a taste for interesting experiences and out of the ordinary decoration? Think about hiring a henna specialist for your wedding. Henna is a type of semi-permanent skin dye that is traditionally applied to the hands and feet of brides in India and other areas of the Near East. You can take your pick from beautifully scrolling floral patterns and settle in for a good movie or two while the dye settles. The darker the dye gets, the happier the marriage will be, so be sure to let it soak in well! When applying henna, keep in mind what the wedding outfits will look like, so make sure that your henna creations will either be enhanced by your clothing or hidden by them!

While a friend getting married does not mean an end to the fun you have together, it can signify a change of focus to more adult things. For the night before a wedding, why not consider an all out celebration of your friendship the way it was in the past? Think about a slumber party, but for grown up girls. Buy the kind of candy that you loved but mix it up with your favorite drinks and movies. Insist that everyone where their favorite pajamas to the event and take the opportunity to do your hair and nails and chat and gossip as much as you like. This can be both cathartic good fun and ensure that you get into bed early enough for the wedding.

If the bride is a bit of a partier, think about taking her on a bar crawl. Get some t-shirts made in preparation and ensure everyone’s okay with the party idea, especially the bride; you don’t want to drag her out when all she wants to do is make some popcorn and watch movies. Make sure that the bride gets a tiara for the event and when you go into the bars, make sure that everyone knows that this is her special night. Be a good friend; keep her hydrated and doesn’t do anything too terribly silly, but make sure she has a good time, too. Besides this is the best way to get embarrassing pictures to pass around when she comes back form her honeymoon.

There are lots of duties that you have as a bridesmaid, but the bachelorette party might be the most fun. Make the most of this opportunity to give your friends a good time and to take a break from the wedding!

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