Hearts And Minds, Listen Up

The subconscious mind is the heart, and the conscious mind is the reasoning mind, and in this article I am telling both sides of the consciousness to listen up. The most powerful thing we can do is to listen to ourselves and our consciousness, there are not any exceptions. I was reading the Joseph Murphy book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” yesterday as I came up with the idea for this article, and I realized that if we listen to outer advice, most of the time it will sell us out, but if we listen to intuition and conscience, it will never sell us out. Especially if we are close to it and use it for what we need to use it for all the time.

If we need good, dependable advice, we need to listen to our hearts and deep minds, not to anyone or anything else that can be “hit or miss”. Why do I put this article under the heading “philosophy”, because listening to yourself, your conscience and your intuition productively is a genuine and powerful philosophy of life that is always better than “following the crowd”. Listen, Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am” and based his whole philosophy on that saying. This article is basically taking the position, “I understand fully, therefore I can be, and then I am” and all the rest will be added to that if that is done properly. So, the advice of other people has the potential of selling you out, but intuition if properly listened to and followed never does, because it comes from within you and has your best interests at heart, unless you want to do otherwise.

So, what good is God-given intuition if you do not use it? It is the ultimate door stop or cup holder if you do not use it. It is useless to you if you live purely by the dictates of outer advice from other people without confidence in yourself and your power. Think deeply about this fact, and you can genuinely save your own life by fully understanding yourself.

How can I say all this realistically? I have been burned by the advice of others, and saved by my own intuition and “gut feeling” so many times, that, I can honestly give advice like this and know what I am talking about. For, something like intuition that comes from within yourself cannot sell you out unless you make it sell you out, while the advice of other people is “hit and miss”, mostly miss. The desires of your heart are the most powerful barometer of how much you want to succeed. For, when you do use your intuition and all of that for these, when you really want something, there is nothing that can stop you, not even temporary failure. Think about this fact deeply, for within it is your winning salvation, really. The most powerful thing in existence is an idea that does succeed fully, ultimately and with persistence.


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