Cheap Home Decorating Ideas and 3 Reasons to Use Slipcovers

Slipcovers are great protection for your sofas,chairs or love seats. They can protect your sofa from stains and damage. Many people choose to add slipcovers to their sofas or chairs if they have pets or children in the house. Slipcovers also take some load of maintenance and cleaning issues. Slipcovers can be removed and either dry cleaned or wash them.

A slipcover is a fitted or loosely fitted piece of cover material that may be slipped over a piece of furniture.Most slipcovers are made of cloth. Slipcovers slip off and on and may be removed for washing.They are plainly what they say they are. (Slipcovers)

I like to think of slipcovers are new clothing for my furniture. Some slipcovers are made to fit so they have to be custom ordered but a lot come in more of a loose fitting style that is made to fit with ties and ribbon ties.

There has been a renewed interest by the interior design industry and the popularity of a more casual design and saving money over replacing furniture. A looser fitting style allows the covers to better fit more pieces of furniture.

Have you ever thought about the different places you can use slipcovers? They do not have to be just used on large furniture. Make a cover for your footstool or a cover for that old lamp.

3 Reasons to Use Slipcovers

1. Changing Furniture Style Have your ever wanted to change the whole style or character of a room but just simply could not afford new furniture? Well there is a solution and it is called slipcovers. These covers come in many styles,colors and patterns. they are limited only by your imagination. You can add stripes, plaids or solid colors to change that old furniture into new again.

2. Protection of FurnitureIf temporary protection of your furniture is what you have on your mind then slipcovers are a great way to protect your prized pieces of furniture if your situation for wanting a change is due to a new baby or pet.

3.Saving Money If you needing to save money but want a change then make your own covers. there are fabric stores that sell fabric that is right for using to cover furniture. Now that more places are offering slipcovers that have ways to make them look fitted yours should look just great even if you can not sew perfect.

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