Best Home Spa Ideas and Recipes

The primary reason for a home spa is to help us relax after a day full of hassles. The lifestyle today has so much changed from the past and people have long working days and loads of work to do. We need not mention all that since it has become the order of the day and the important thing now is to find the best way we can bring peace to our minds and rest to our bodies. This article will show you just how to do that by giving yourself a spa treat.

Choose that time when everyone else has gone out for their business and the house is all yours. This will ensure that you have an ample time without distractions. Don’t get it wrong – your better half could do you a lot of good if they were with you during the activity. In fact it their love and caresses at that time would go a long way to help you relax.

Turn off the sharp lights to create that cool environment of relaxation. Having candles light the spa room is a nice idea. Have that music that reaches to your very soul softly running in the background. For the people that music is not all that magical, a tabletop fountain should work for them as the sound of flowing water is very relaxing.

Since the idea is to soothe your whole being, every sense of your body should be taken care of. In that case a sip of some soft drink would work well for your sense of taste. A good idea would be some water with lemon taste. You then need to scent the spa room with your favorite scent. Plants provide a world of nice and soothing scents. If you cannot access any, then burning scented candles would still work well.

More time should be dedicated to the skin; it’s the largest organ after all. Start by showering it with a warm bath. This will help the pores open and the skin is ready to receive the relaxing treatment. To enjoy the benefits of the home spa to the fullest, find a way in which you can cover the entire body. One or two tablespoons of sweet butter, a quarter cup of cream and half teaspoon of lavender essential oil are what you need to have. You will then mix the ingredients with mashed ripe avocados and bananas and apply the mixture over your entire body.

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